natural personalized perfume of prestige

Natural  personalized  perfume  of  prestige

Crafted in accordance with the ISO standard 9235  and the code of practice of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA)

A one-of-a-kind 100% natural perfume designed just for you, not for anyone else.

Your kit includes:

  1. -An atomizer carved in precious wood.

  1. -1000 ml of your own personally tailored perfume.

  1. -4000 ml of a personalized shower-gel shampoo.

- 400 ml of a personalized  cream for the care of the face or aftershave gel.

This perfume is not only unique because of the utmost quality of each of its elements, but also because it will help in the research of pain-alleviating blends for the sick and the unwell.

Today there is very little research on the possible healing effects of plants because such research is deemed as not profitable.  A blend made with natural products cannot be registered. However when one sees the healing effects of essential oils and fragrances on sick people, doing research is worth the effort.

A study of 30 patients at the Geneva University Hospital (CESCO) regarding this very topic has been published in « The International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy » (It was first published in French in INFOKARA, « La revue internationale francophone de soins palliatifs ».

Thank you for your support !

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Welcome     Perfume      Perfume bottles     Aromatherapy     Photography     Press

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