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  1.     to smell and be charmed by precious fragrances like jasmine, rose, iris (iris can be sold for Fr. 280.--/gr) or subtle ones such as bergamot, cedrat... All are so individual. To smell fragrances that are very rare and discover citrus fruits, woods like agarwood and real sandalwood, roots (vetiver,...) and some flowers (osmanthus, tuberose, neroli...)

  1.      to know main charateristics of some oils and the precautions to take in their use (a new slideshow will be presented and new and original sheets upon the essential oils will be handed over)

  1.       discover the mystery of smell

  1.        discover how to practically use the scents:

         - at home, in hospitals, wellness centers....  

         - to perfume its home, workplace....

         - to cook

         - for bath, massage

This course follows the most recent guidelines of the European Regulations and the International Fragrance Association (IFRA)

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* upon request and for small groups, we can organize a course of one or two days at your convenience  (when possible !!!) 

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