We use ingredients derived from plants which can be accepted and absorbed by the skin, e.g. : cold pressed vegetable oils, floral waters and fresh plant-extracts of the highest quality. The ingredients stem predominantly from certified organic (bio) crops. As we do not work with standardized raw material the scent and colour may vary from one harvest to another ; however this does not influence the quality.

The price of the perfume covers mainly the research and the natural ingredients. To give you an idea, here are some comparisons (sale's price):

Synthetic vanilla : Fr. 100.--/200.--/kg natural vanilla (wenn poss. bio) : Fr. 20'000.--/kg

Synthetic rose : Fr. 500.--/ 800.--/kg natural (wenn poss. bio) : Fr. 15'000.--/ 40'000.--/kg

Synthetic iris : 500.--/1'000.-/kg natural iris : Fr. 220'000.-- / kg (shop's price)!!!

« just exquisite », « To the most beautiful », for example, are mainly composed of iris, rose, jasmine, tuberose which are the most expensive ingredients.

Animal testing

No animal substance is used except beeswax. Our products are not tested on animals.


Synthetic fragrances, colours or preservatives; ingredients from mineral oils and paraffines are not used. To guarantee the microbiological safety of our products, we use alcoholic plant extracts and a seaweed extract.

A boon for your body and mind

A natural fragrance will sometimes not linger as a synthetic one, but it will do a lot of good to your skin. Also they do not disguise the body's natural odour but blend together to create a unique harmony full of natural charm. As the nature is constantly changing, there may be some slight odour's variations form one batch to another

European and international standard

These perfumed creations follow the european regulation and the Code of practice of the international fragrance association (IFRA). Possible allergens are mentioned.

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Welcome     Perfume      Perfume bottles     Aromatherapy     Photography     Press

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